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Conflict Resolution in a Healthcare Setting

By: Espirita
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: £15
(15% charity discount applies)

At times of heightened emotion, tempers can fray which often causes recipients of care to ‘bite the hand that feeds them’. This Conflict Resolution in a Healthcare Setting course has been developed by healthcare training specialists, Espirita, and is designed to give learners the confidence to deal effectively with the aggressive or challenging behaviour of others.

This practical course aims to reflect the values and beliefs of professional healthcare workers. It also endeavours to help learners make changes in their own behaviour to enable them to deal effectively and professionally with those who rely on healthcare services.

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After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the common causes of conflict including clinically challenging behaviour
  • Identify the different stages of conflict
  • Reflect on personal experiences of conflict situations to develop strategies to reduce the opportunity for conflict in the future
  • Understand the impact procedural and environmental factors have on conflict situations and recognise their importance in decision making
  • Appreciate there are varying methods and actions for differing conflict situations
  • Recognise warning and danger signs
  • Use tips to de-escalate conflict and understand the importance of a safe distance
  • Be knowledgeable about follow-up, including support, documentation and reporting


Topics explored in this course, Conflict Resolution in a Healthcare Setting:

  • Defining conflict
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Causes of conflict
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Stages of conflict
  • Conflict interpretation
  • Forms of communication
  • Attitude and behavioural cycle
  • Questioning skills
  • Five step appeal
  • Cultural differences
  • Expressions and gestures
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Warning and danger signs
  • De-escalation
  • Fight or flight
  • Common law
  • Safe distances
  • Lone working
  • Learning lessons

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