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CSB Biz Plan 8 – A Plan to Share

By: Common Sense Business
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £16
(25% charity discount applies)

This course forms part of the Common Sense Business (CSB) Business Planning Programme, which provides small business owners and managers with the skills essential to running an efficient, profitable and durable business. The CSB programme has a proven track record and has been written by experts to specifically meet the needs of small businesses.

The CSB Biz Plan 8 course brings together all the information from the CSB business planning programme; it delivers a comprehensive guide on how to write up a formal business plan and modify it, in order to accurately meet the requirements of the stakeholder or interested party.

This course can be bought individually or as part of the full programme. A 20% discount applies when purchasing the full CSB programme. The full programme comes with a handy downloadable workbook that includes templates to help you complete your business plan.

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After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand and identify the things you want to share with your stakeholders
  • Be able to present the information in a clear and engaging way
  • Feel ready and confident that you have a thorough business plan that will help you achieve your goals



Topics explored in this course, CSB Biz Plan 8 – A Plan to Share:

  • Tailoring for your stakeholders
  • Business plan ingredients
  • Presenting your plan
  • The formal business plan

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