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Working from home essentials pack

By: Nimble Elearning Ltd
Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes
Price: £28
(25% charity discount applies)

Companies are struggling to brief their employees on the logistical, emotional and compliance considerations that they need to be aware of when working from home. The pace of policy change for working conditions has left companies without the time to fully prepare their teams for this unprecedented change. We created the ‘Working from home essentials‘ pack with that in mind, to contribute even more support for training in this difficult and challenging time.

These courses have been specifically adapted to reflect the very real challenges of home working under the shadow of coronavirus; their aim is to help quickly implement training for your teams, so they can hit the ground running. Using this ready-made packaged content will save valuable time, costs and resources, too.

As always, we include a Nimble Author licence (for free) to easily customise and brand these courses.

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Our engaging courses have been designed and updated alongside subject matter experts and are aligned with relevant legislation and guidance. Their core aim is to help new home workers adjust to their new work environment, and deal with the challenges presented by coronavirus.


This pack includes the following six courses:

  • Home working essentials – a new Nimble course offering guidance on setting up home workspaces, staying safe, communicating remotely and maintaining productivity while working from home.
  • DSE assessment for home workers – designed by leading expert Rachel Stevens from Optimum Performance Training Ltd, who has over 25 years’ experience of providing posture training, DSE workstation assessments and musculoskeletal advice.
  • An introduction to resilience – written by best-selling author and leading authority on resilience, Liggy Webb and based on the content of her book ‘Resilience – How to cope when everything around you keeps changing’.
  • Information security at home – helps employees follow secure working practices as they adapt to working from home.
  • Time management for home workers – has guidance and tips to help employees manage their workload as efficiently as possible, set boundaries and create time for the additional commitments they may now face in their personal life.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness – offers guidance to reduce the risk of getting or spreading coronavirus in a workplace or home. The course explores the principles of good hygiene, self-isolation and early treatment, and offers advice on what to do if you fall ill.

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