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Child Protection Level 1 (Scotland)

By: Espirita
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £10
(25% charity discount applies)

With the threat to our children’s physical and mental health on the rise from new avenues such as the internet and social media, it has never been more important to equip ourselves with the ability to recognise a child in trouble and understand the ways in which we can help safeguard them.

This Child Protection Level 1 (Scotland) course, developed by industry training experts, Espirita, is designed for all non-clinical staff who work within healthcare and addresses current legislation surrounding child protection in Scotland. By creating an educated, competent and committed workforce of vigilant practitioners, we can stop vulnerable children from ‘slipping through the net’.

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After completing this course learners will be able to:

  • Understand The Children (Scotland) Act 1995
  • State the types of abuse
  • Describe the The Childrens’ Charter for Scotland
  • Explain the risks associated with children on the internet
  • Recognise child exploitation, bullying and historical abuse
  • Understanding the barriers to disclosing abuse
  • Understand the importance of information sharing
  • Know what preventative measures to take when abuse is suspected


Topics explored in this course Child Protection Level 1 (Scotland):

  • Legislation
  • Types and signs of abuse
  • Trafficking
  • FGM and radicalisation
  • The Internet
  • Looked after children
  • Barriers to disclosing abuse
  • Action to take if abuse is suspected
  • The Referral Process
  • Information Sharing
  • The Children Act 1995 (Scotland)
  • The Children Charter for Scotland

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