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First Aid Essentials

By: Nimble Elearning Ltd
Duration: 50 Minutes
Price: £13.99
(15% charity discount applies)


It’s estimated that first aid could prevent as many as 150,000 deaths in the UK every year, yet around a quarter of us admit we’d be too scared to intervene. In truth, medical emergencies are frightening, and panic can take over. Have a think about how you might react if someone at work collapsed right now!

In most cases, doing something rather than nothing in those first moments can make all the difference.

Being prepared with a basic knowledge of first aid can give you the confidence to provide immediate comfort and essential care while you wait for the professionals to arrive; you could even help to save a life! This course aims to increase your awareness of how to provide first aid in some of the most common emergency scenarios in the workplace.

This course addresses some basic first aid responses to common accident and medical emergency situations that you might face in a low-risk workplace.

Please note: This course won’t make you a qualified first aider. It’s always better for a certified person to administer first aid, but if there are no trained people available, this information provides a basic level of awareness on how to react in the emergency scenarios highlighted.

Courses developed by Nimble Elearning have been certified by the CPD Certification Service and count towards your annual CPD requirement.


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By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify first aid support measures available in your workplace
  • Call for an ambulance and be prepared for the questions they’ll ask
  • Recognise common medical emergencies and injuries that could occur in a lower-risk workplace
  • Apply basic first aid principles if someone became suddenly ill or injured at work


Topics explored in this course, First Aid Essentials:

  • First aid fundamentals
  • Medical emergencies
  • Common accidents

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