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Human Factors Essentials

By: Nimble Elearning Ltd
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: £13.99
(15% charity discount applies)

This 45 min course explores human error in the workplace. It looks at the types of errors we make, common ‘error traps’ that fall under four categories; Person, Equipment, Task and Environment (PETE), and the Human Performance (HuP) tools we can use to mitigate error traps that can’t be removed. During this course we’ll highlight the type of human errors that can occur, explore the traps that most of us fall into, and look at how we can manage situations to reduce error in the future.

By increasing awareness of when and where we are more likely to make mistakes, we can raise standards and reduce the opportunity for error in the workplace. The course combines psychological theory and exercises with practical tips on how to manage error. This course is perfect for any company looking to raise operating, quality and behavioural standards.

When you finish the course, you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of some of the key points by completing a short assessment.

Courses developed by Nimble Elearning have been certified by the CPD Certification Service and count towards your annual CPD requirement.

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After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the main types of errors that humans make
  • Identify key workplace error traps in order to remove or manage them
  • Recognise which Human Performance (HuP) tools can be used to mitigate error traps that can’t be removed


Topics explored in this course, Human Factors Essentials:

  • Error traps
  • Types of human error
  • Managing error
  • Mitigating mistakes
  • Human performance tools

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