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Personal Growth Suite

By: Liggy Webb
Duration: 1 hour
Price: £20
(15% charity discount applies)

It is surprising how often our goals, aspirations and personal development can be thwarted or held back by none other than ourselves.

Negative thinking, unhealthy habits and the inability to adapt or rally ourselves in the face of change or disappointment can all affect how successfully we navigate our way through our personal journeys.

Changing a stagnant approach or reassessing unhelpful behaviours can open the door to a healthier, happier and more rewarding life.

This suite of short online courses, including An Introduction to Behavioural AgilityAn Introduction to Changing Behaviours and An Introduction to Resilience has been developed by best-selling author and leading authority in resilience and behavioural agility, Liggy Webb.

Liggy Webb provides insight and practical advice on how to become more personally resilient, how to rewire our brains to positively influence our habitual behaviours and how to reduce unhealthy stress and lighten our loads by adopting a growth mindset and embracing change.


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After completing the course, learners will be able to:


  • Understand the fundamental principles of personal resilience
  • Be more aware of the benefits of being open and receptive to change
  • Think positively and view challenges more optimistically
  • Take personal responsibility and commit to positive action
  • Be aware of how habits and behaviours form
  • Understand the psychological habit loop
  • Identify and focus on what you want to change
  • Set yourself an action plan to make positive behavioural changes
  • Adopt a growth mindset and explore your potential
  • Understand how to positively embrace change for personal success
  • Let go of unhelpful thinking and learn to manage uncertainty and complexity
  • Tap into your dynamic capability and be bolder


Topics explored in this course suite, Personal Growth:


  • Understanding & becoming resilience
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Adapting, accepting and being positive
  • Effects of core behaviours & taking action
  • Challenges with changing behaviour
  • Understanding & forming new habits
  • Identifying behaviours & motives to change
  • Rewiring neural pathways
  • Recognition & reward
  • Defining behavioural agility
  • Dynamic capability and growth mindset
  • Embracing change
  • Lightening Your Load
  • Effects on core behaviours

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