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Case Study: British Assessment Bureau

British Assessment Bureau was a finalist in the Positive Business Impact category of the 2022 Nimble Awards. The finalists in this category all used Nimble in such different ways to impact their organisations – let’s find out more about this finalist and what they achieved. 

British Assessment Bureau

British Assessment Bureau provides auditing and certification services on a range of standards, including ISO standards. 

You may have heard about ‘ISO standards’ before but not been entirely sure what they are.

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) set a range of different standards in areas such as Health and Safety, Environmental Management, and Cyber Security. To achieve the standard, an organisation needs to show it is doing the right thing and meeting certain criteria in each area. 

For example:

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management – shows that an organisation has strong health and safety policies in place, assesses hazards and risks, and takes action to reduce the risk of harm. 

ISO 14001 Environmental Management – shows that an organisation has assessed the environment issues relevant to their work and taken action towards sustainable practices. 

ISO 27001 Information Security Management – shows that an organisation has robust policies and procedures to assess information security risks and embed best practice throughout the organisation. 

These standards can be a challenge to achieve, so they are something many businesses aspire to, and becoming accredited can be a great way of displaying the effort that an organisation is making in the given area. 

British Assessment Bureau is able to audit an organisation to find out if that organisation is doing what is necessary to meet the requirements for certification.

How did they use Nimble?

For any organisation thinking about starting on the path towards ISO certification, the process can feel really daunting. 

Standards are rightly high so that achieving certification shows an organisation going ‘above and beyond’ in its processes. We wouldn’t want it to be made ‘easier’ because the high standards are part of the point! 

As well as the nerves about being able to meet the standards, there is also the element of the unknown with the journey that an organisation needs to go through to reach accreditation – and that’s where British Assessment Bureau can really provide support.



“We identified that over half of the people that come to us for ISO certification have had no experience of ISO previously” – David English, Sales and Marketing Director

As they provide Auditors to assess if organisations have done enough to meet the standards, British Assessment Bureau is uniquely well-placed to offer guidance on the process. However, much like a Driving Test Examiner might provide clear information on what to expect during a test, but wouldn’t say “don’t forget to indicate at this junction”, the role of British Assessment Bureau is there to provide clarity and transparent information on what needs to be done to ‘pass the test’ rather than giving away all the answers! 

British Assessment Bureau created a series of short elearning courses using Nimble. They covered some essential information to help organisations decide whether going for certification was the right choice for them, and how they would go about completing it. The learning courses covered content such as the benefits to businesses of having ISO certification and how to achieve the standards, all designed as a simple introduction for any organisations wanting to know where to begin. 

ISO certification is a big commitment, and you want to be reassured that completing it will benefit your organisation and also have an understanding of what is expected of you in working towards certification. 

What was the positive business impact? 

These simple elearning courses created by British Assessment Bureau were offered to new customers free-of-charge as part of a sign-up process. 

Once the free learning had been completed by the new user, an email was sent offering more details about extended paid-for training with dedicated Auditors. Their expertise can support an organisation through the accreditation process, and British Assessment Bureau’s independent reviews show that they are offering a quality service that is trusted by their customers. 

The free elearning proved to be a really valuable lead-generator. The users who took the elearning course were able to gain a much better understanding of ISO certification, and were reassured by the quality of the content produced by British Assessment Bureau. They were then highly engaged and ready to commit to taking the route towards gaining accreditation. 

The judges of the Nimble Awards 2022 were impressed, saying this was “A strong overall submission. Clear objectives, drivers and measures for the project, and an outstanding set of metrics that clearly justified the effort that was put in. An excellent example of how elearning can support the rollout of a complex training requirement.”

A very impressive project that will continue to be valuable to customers seeking to learn more about the ISO certification process. 

To find out more about the work of British Assessment Bureau, visit british-assessment.co.uk