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Case Study: Castle Fine Art

Castle Fine Art were finalists in the 2022 Nimble Awards ‘Course of the Year’ category with their course Know Your Client.

Their online course on anti-money laundering is a really fantastic example of how to take mandatory training and make it tell a story that is engaging and relevant to your teams. It shows that if your learners are motivated to complete it, they’re more likely to remember and apply the training.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of making mandatory training quite dry and dull, just ticking off the essential information that you need to get across. But really, when we take a moment to consider the bigger picture, we know that there’s not really much point in providing training unless we’re confident it’ll translate into a change in behaviour or action in the workplace. So with this in mind, how do we create training that is impactful? 

“Adding interactivity, video and humour to a course makes it more personal and relevant to the learner – and helps the material really stick!” – Hannah Davies, Learning Adviser, Nimble Elearning

It’s a legal requirement for Art Retailers, such as the Castle Fine Art group, to provide anti-money laundering training for all their staff. This training should enable staff to recognise warning signs of money laundering and know what precautions to take, such as requesting identification documents during high-value transactions. 

Castle Fine Art were already providing anti-money laundering training to all their staff. With their network spread across the country, these sessions were delivered via video call. Presented by James Shepherd, the group’s Anti Money Laundering Officer, they were highly relevant to the daily work of the art retailer, and covered the exact content the teams needed to know. However, each session was delivered live by James, and so relied on his availability and took up his time. At the end of the call, although they were able to record who had attended the session, there was no measurement for how well learners had taken in the information. So the training was happening, but Castle Fine Art could see a bit of room for improvement. 

Making the switch to providing elearning seemed like the obvious choice. This would enable them to free-up time for the person delivering the course, and allow for assessments to take place at the end to see how well learners could recall key learning points. 

Off-the-shelf courses on compliance topics such as anti-money laundering (AML) are widely available. They’ll cover all the essential information in a way that is interactive and engaging for learners, encouraging them to complete the course. 

It’s a serious topic and Castle Fine Art are legally obliged to make sure that all their staff have completed it. However, the team realised that to get everyone enthusiastic about the course they had to provide that ‘hook’ and really make the training engaging. 

Nimble Author was just the tool they needed. With this authoring tool, it’s super-simple to create the exact online training course you need. The team filmed their own short videos to show different scenarios, bringing the content to life for their learners. The videos included appearances from members of the senior leadership team, making them engaging for staff and showing commitment from throughout the organisation. They also added in a bit of humour and fun – not to be underestimated when you want to make learning engaging! 

Interactive elements and quick informal quizzes throughout the training course kept learners focussed and motivated, and a thorough assessment at the end of the learning gave the team the confidence that everyone had taken in the key points. 

The Know Your Client course was a finalist in the 2022 Nimble Awards. The judges commented: “Logical step-by-step used to explain processes. Learning objectives are clearly linked to content and wholly relevant. Video is used frequently to good effect and leads to good engagement, especially as it features colleagues and senior leaders. Thorough questions in the assessment – specific and meaningful and scenario-based. The bloopers video at the end is great fun!”

Now that Castle Fine Art has created their online learning course, it’s so quick and easy to enrol new starters as they join the organisation – with the click of a button, they are ready to take the training, with no scheduling and no need to take any more time from senior staff. Courses can be easily updated to reflect updates to legislation, and the team are already growing their online learning library with new courses they have created. Using Nimble has made the mandatory training effortless for managers and enjoyable for learners – a great result! 

To find out more about Castle Fine Art visit their website at castlefineart.com