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Case Study: National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

National Nuclear Laboratory won the 2023 Nimble Course of the Year Award for their course Security Awareness.

Founded in 2008, National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) serves as the UK’s leading nuclear technology services provider. As a national lab for nuclear fission, NNL offers a broad spectrum of nuclear expertise and capabilities to customers across the public and private sectors.

Safety and security are, of course, its top priorities; to that end, NNL recently partnered with elearning provider Nimble to overhaul its security awareness training. Rachel Kerrison, L&D Advisor at NNL, led the project to create more engaging, efficient training that would resonate with learners.

“Our initial courses were an hour to 90 minutes in length each. We’ve managed to combine both into a single course that takes approximately an hour.” Rachel Kerrison, L&D Advisor at NNL

By consolidating modules, NNL was able to trim crucial training time for both employees and external visitors completing the course. And it’s not just time that’s been saved; Rachel estimates the organisation saved an impressive £36,000 by streamlining the training. “For anyone who does training who’s an NNL staff member, that is a cost to the business,” she said. With Nimble’s elearning capabilities, NNL could reduce those overhead expenses significantly.

Creating Relevant, Engaging Training

NNL’s security awareness training aims to take universal security principles and apply them to the unique context of the nuclear industry. As Rachel noted, “Everyone is generally familiar with security, whatever job you do, but it’s applying it to our industry and how it can be quite unique in some ways.”

Using Nimble, Rachel and subject matter experts at NNL tailored the security awareness content specifically for learners working in the nuclear field. The courses provide crucial context around security protocols that may differ from other industries; while you may think nothing of snapping a photo on your phone at work in some workplaces, that could have serious security implications in a nuclear setting.

Rachel knew that to be effective, the Security Awareness course needed to be engaging. With Nimble, NNL incorporated more interactivity and multimedia to create an immersive learning environment. The improved online training better connects with today’s digitally savvy workforce, ensuring NNL’s security culture permeates through every working day.

Continuous Improvements on the Horizon

Rachel sees plenty of opportunities to optimise NNL’s training even further. She plans to implement Nimble across other training areas and standardise course structure and design elements. “We’ve always got high demand for elearning at NNL, so there’s always going to be more coming up in the pipeline,” she noted.

With strong initial results, National Nuclear Laboratory is energised to continue advancing its elearning program with Nimble. Streamlined training allows NNL to share critical knowledge while reducing costs – a winning outcome as the organisation powers forward.

To find out more about National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), visit their website.