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Education for Health – Communicating with Es!

“Using Nimble Author has enabled us to become self-sufficient.”

That’s the verdict of Melanie Burton, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning Development at Education for Health. It’s a charity which provides education, training courses and resources for Health Care Professionals to support patients with long-term medical conditions.

Mel points out their use of Nimble goes beyond conventional training courses, it’s used for communication as much as anything. Communication which involves a lot of Es!

Education is an obvious one. Some of their materials have open public access so they can be viewed by not only health care professionals, but in schools and by parents. The key factor to bear in mind here is awareness of audiences. Getting the tone right, using accessible vocabulary and expressing information in simple ways is vital.

Evolution in communication is apparent when you talk to Mel. Rather than be satisfied with the basic requirements Nimble offers. Mel tells us, “We’ve recruited staff with instructional design and creative expertise who have used the XML and added screen templates for users to make their own notes and create more interactive elements than we used to have in our learning materials.”

Ease of use is an important factor from the perspective of those who initiate the communication. According to Mel, “We now have more of our subject matter experts authoring content directly in Nimble rather than in Word documents which we used to work from. They are beginning to use the different screen types to create interactive content, not just uploading text.” The simplicity of Nimble means you don’t need instructional designers to do all the work – anyone can add the content.

Engagement is another E in their communication mantra. As Mel says, Nimble is a great way to create engaging content and you don’t need to be an instructional designer to get started.” They are starting to replace PowerPoint with Nimble because “we like the fact that our portfolio has a consistent look and feel – users recognise our courses.”

You can see how confidence in Nimble has enabled Mel’s charity to become more self-sufficient with these four Es.

With a range of ways to communicate with all kinds of people, we’re excited by the way Education for Health is using Nimble to deliver their information to a range of audiences.