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easyJet Lands in the Nimble Community

You need to look professional when other commercial organisations use your courses because their appearance reflects on your company. It’s why we’re excited our latest customer, easyJet, appreciates our efforts in not only making Nimble easy to use but in its highly polished and professional look too.

Yes, our continued growth is really taking off! We’re excited to welcome easyJet to the Nimble Community. easyJet is an organisation that carries more than 64 million passengers a year. They may carry lots of holidaymakers, but easyJet is furthering their reach into business travel as well.

It’s a competitive market. easyJet deals with 8,000 representatives who organise business travel arrangements. It’s imperative they are knowledgeable about the company’s offering and are able to confidently use easyJet’s booking system. When representing the company, it’s important that communication and training are always professional, informative and interactive.

So why did easyJet choose Nimble?

According to Stephanie Kyprianou, easyJet’s Distribution Training Partner,
Nimble provides an ‘out of box’ solution that looks professional and offers everything we need to be able to provide online training to external customers at an affordable price. Having reviewed other solutions of its kind in the marketplace, Nimble stood out as being the most customisable, comprehensive and easy to use option.’

Stephanie’s reference to ‘customisable’ is important; branding needs to be easy, as does consistency in design because that’s how you achieve high standards in appearance – and when your materials are used by 8,000 potential clients, you need to look your best!