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Forest Holidays: The Organic Growth of an Elearning Culture

At World of Learning 2019, Andrew Willison, National Health and Safety Coordinator from Forest Holidays, will be speaking about how Nimble Elearning has revolutionised the way they train and improved their culture.

With 600 log cabins at 10 forest locations across the UK, Forest Holidays are part owned by the Forestry Commission and set exclusively within Forestry Commission land. Their company has grown to almost 600 team members, however, each of their ten locations had operated semi-independently prior to adopting elearning.

As well as the organic growth of an elearning culture within the company, their learning journey is also about standardising training into a cohesive programme, moving away from paper-based “read and sign”, and addressing differing attitudes to change.

Passionate about the way they teach health and safety, not only for compliance purposes but to provide safe work places, Andrew will be discussing how tapping into Forest Holiday’s well-established culture of empowerment gave him the capability to bring about a change in their training. He will impart how the data from their LMS proved essential in measuring progress – creating detailed reports on KPIs and Health and Safety audits to identify training needs, and consequently plan training calendars. He’ll demonstrate the effective impact being achieved through their training provision and will offer insights into what he has learned as he manages this growth.

Andrew’s seminar takes place in Theatre 1 at 3pm on Tuesday 15 October. It offers wonderful insights for others looking to expand their training provision, develop greater cohesion and empowerment for their workforce. As Andrew says, “We’ve changed our culture with regards to both learning and Health & Safety. Our challenges across multiple holiday sites were not unique, so we thought others might be interested in our findings.” World of Learning: https://www.learnevents.com/exhibitor/nimble-elearning/

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