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FREE 2-hour Classroom Session: How to Avoid Exposing Your Digital Footprint to Cyber Criminals

We’re delighted to announce our partners Cyber Security Associates (CSA) will be presenting a FREE 2-hour classroom session: How to avoid exposing your digital footprint to cyber criminals, on Fri 22 June 09:30 – 11:30. Booking is essential!  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nimble-know-how-partner-seminar-cyber-security-associates-tickets-46754044606

This FREE 2-hour classroom session by CSA, hosted at Nimble House in Gloucestershire, provides practical advice on how to better safeguard your company and personal information at work and at home, and offers advice for protecting against different types of potential, or actual, cyber attacks.

Your ‘digital footprint’ is an important security aspect which could be exploited by the cyber-criminal. Cyber attacks, hacktivists and organised crime may all sound rather ‘007-ish’, but as more and more of our everyday devices are now connected to the internet, so our digital footprint grows at pace, leaving us vulnerable to having our personal information used against us.

Sadly, cyber crime such as social engineering campaigns and email phishing attacks have become commonplace in our age of connectivity, and it becomes our responsibility to protect ourselves and our businesses from complex cyber threats.

Cyber Security Associates provides cyber consultancy, training, elearning and cyber managed services, which help to detect, protect and educate against the ever-changing cyber threat.

They also produce courses in Nimble that are available for your organisation. Find out more here:




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