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Nimble Elearning FREE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Elearning Course

With coronavirus now confirmed as a pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO), the Nimble Elearning Learning Design team have acted quickly to create and release a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness elearning course for the workplace.

WHO has stated countries must ‘communicate with people about the risks and how they can protect themselves’. Risk communication refers to the exchange of information, advice and opinions between experts and people facing threats to their health, economic or social well-being. The ultimate purpose of risk communication is to enable people at risk to take informed decisions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

As coronavirus is such a significant issue that has wide-reaching implications globally and across the UK, Nimble has not only provided this elearning course free of charge for their customers, they have made it available for everyone to use as well.

Based on the latest UK government advice at the time of publishing (16 March 2020), this free elearning course provides essential guidance to reduce the risk of getting or spreading the coronavirus in a workplace or home.

It explores the principles of good hygiene, self-isolation and early treatment, and offers guidance on what individuals should do if they become ill. It focuses on the impact of the virus in the workplace and provides guidance on how a company can support their employees through periods of self-isolation. The course includes a short quiz to check understanding of this important topic.

Nimble are also allowing companies of more than 50 employees to increase relevance of this course for their organisation with the option to personalise the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course with their company branding using Nimble Author, and track the participation of their employees and retain their results for later reference using Nimble LMS. This is free of charge for non-Nimble customers until 30 June 2020.

Upon receiving the course, Nimble customer David Gill, Director of Business Development from Druglink said, “You guys are stars! Thanks so much for the course – we’ve been struggling a little to find the right approach and how to get the info across without a) being alarmist and, b) under-playing the importance of it. This course is brilliant and easily understood too. Thanks again”.

Registration for the free Nimble Elearning Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course is available by visiting: