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Good Call – Autonet Achieve “Highly Commended” Contact Centre Award

Many congratulations to Autonet Insurance Group, for achieving ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category in the Midlands & Yorkshire Contact Centre Awards 2016!

We’re proud to have played a small part in their success. It’s a real achievement to be ‘podium finishers’ when the outright winner had a team of 30 people and other entrants were huge brand names.

Autonet has approximately 700 staff based in different contact centres. They work within a highly regulated industry and handle over 1.2 million calls per year and have provided over 340,000 policies to customers. They appreciate their staff are crucial to sustained success and consistent growth of the company, so training and development is at the heart of everything they do.

However, contact centres are busy places and flexibility is an essential part of that training and development. In 2014 they lost 232 training hours, 65% of courses had to be cancelled because of business pressures. Yet the company was growing and with an additional 225 new recruits anticipated for 2015, Autonet selected Nimble to help them develop their elearning strategy.

Since 2014, as part of their blended learning programme, they’ve seen significant improvements in different aspects of the business because of their introduction of cloud-based learning provided by Nimble. Benefits include:
• The quality and flexibility of their training systems
• The efficiency and cost effectiveness of staff development
• Improvements in the delivery of compliance and mandated training
• The use of elearning metrics to inform strategic decision making as well as to measure the impact of their innovations

In summary, “we were seeking not only to change processes, but to change attitudes” and their use of Nimble Author and Nimble LMS has helped them achieve that ambition.

The evidence presented to the UK Contact Centre Forum (UKCCF) is impressive.
• Reportable complaints fell
• The company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) rose substantially
• Employee absence dropped to below their target to 3%
• All financial and staff retention targets were achieved
• All customer focus targets were achieved.
You can see from their infographic here the kind of impact Nimble is helping the company to achieve.

Perhaps their success should be seen in human terms too. Autonet’s contact centres are based in the 8th poorest local authority in the UK. Staff development had to address more than delivering business goals, it had to include personal ones too. They invited their staff to identify non-mandatory courses; the first was on Resilience and was completed by 79% of the workforce.

As Karen Hancox-Barringer, Head of Learning and Development, pointed out in their application, “The success of the Resilience course opened the door to other wellbeing and personal development courses. The staff themselves are more involved and suggest topics and content. This has great potential for engagement, empowerment and the quality of working environment, as well as for the customer service metrics.”

Their innovation continues. ‘Nimble Champions’ provide coaching support where it’s needed and feedback to management teams on issues they’d like addressed. The entire workforce is regularly consulted using the survey feature in Nimble Author so the results can be recorded and analysed in the LMS. It’s an inspiring story of empowerment.

Hardly surprising that Autonet’s success as a contact centre has been recognised and rewarded by UKCCF.

Good call!

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