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Enthusiasm With a Purpose – Dementia Care

“Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose.” —Frank Tyger

Great things can arise from having ambitious goals. When you are a relatively small organisation, achieving those goals can be made easier by working alongside the right people to help to reach them. Finding the right partner means looking for someone who understands your dreams and demonstrates how they can help. That’s our goal at Nimble.

Dementia Care is a charity in north-east England which provides care, support and advice for people with dementia and other neurological disorders. They also aim to share their knowledge and expertise with carers and family members. Dave Stevens, CEO of Dementia Care, has chosen to use Nimble as his delivery partner in producing the resources to share this information.

Their Nimble courses will:
1. Be free so they can be accessed easily by anyone – therefore overheads needed to be kept to a minimum.

2. Communicate both nationally and internationally – hence the need for a cloud-based platform.

3. Communicate expert knowledge – because Nimble is so easy to use it has meant Dave’s team can author the courses without resorting to using instructional designers.

In Dave’s view, “We wanted to disseminate best practice in dementia care to a wider audience. We needed to develop the course but only pay for it when it was ready to share with others. Plus, the authoring tool is really easy to use, so we could focus on the content without needing lots of training on how to use Nimble.”

A licence doesn’t need to be purchased until the organisation is ready to enrol users which makes an attractive proposition for organisations where cash flow may be an issue. In addition, our take-as-long-as-you-need free trial ensures organisations can get used to the software, develop their authoring skills and create courses, without needing to rush things – and potentially make costly mistakes. This was something Dave particularly appreciated.

Simplicity was another factor Dave believes met their expectations. “Our courses are aimed at anyone who needs advice and guidance about the practical aspects of caring for someone with dementia. The audience will be extremely varied in terms of levels of education, use of IT, time and opportunity to complete courses etc.” Therefore the ‘look’ of the courses, their format, the ease of navigation and simplicity of structure were important considerations. The result is material reviewed from the user’s perspective and which displays a consistent appearance – both vital factors in this context.

And as for the future? The plan is to develop more courses to address the practical aspects of caring for people with dementia, either to deliver basic requirements or even to achieve recognised and professional accreditation. There are no plans to employ instructional designers either; the ease of use of Nimble means the Dementia Care team will continue authoring the courses themselves and release them when time allows.

Dementia Care’s goals are ambitious and we’re excited to work with them to bring about their purpose!