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How Passive Learning Offers Good Returns on Your Investment

How can you scale your business to increase the return on your investment, especially if you’re an entrepreneur? One of our customers has some advice on the topic.

“Thanks to Nimble, I can now take a day off and still earn money!”

Luan Wise successfully scaled her one-woman business with the help of Nimble. In her words, ‘My Nimble courses now provide a significant income stream for my business, without requiring additional time input from me. I sell the courses via my website and carefully selected affiliates, who also sell online.’

Luan is a highly-respected marketing consultant and author. The limitations posed by her own availability led to her getting in touch with the Nimble team who made sure they understood her business model before offering their solutions. Luan had her material in PowerPoint slides and in her head, she could see the initial benefits elearning provided but wanted support to get beyond that point.

‘Understanding that a learner in an online environment would not be able to hear my tone of voice, or interact with me, made me realise I could not simply take my slides and turn them into a good elearning course. Something was missing.’

That something turned out to be 3 things:

1. Feedback and evidence of learning: Luan found that the interactions in Nimble gave her students the support, information and feedback she would normally provide.

2. Personality: ‘I wanted them to be “me”, rather than a course that could have been written anyone with the right knowledge.’ With a series of images, speech bubbles and a course introduction, her students told her it was like having Luan in the room.

3. Reporting: Luan can export to her clients the evidence of what students have learned from her courses. ‘It’s so much more important than just signing a register.’

The result has seen exciting growth in Luan’s business. She no longer needs to allocate time running ‘how to’ sessions, as she once did. This information can be learned online now. It frees her up to do ‘blended learning’ and face-to-face sessions with her clients on the ‘why’ of using LinkedIn or Twitter plus share examples to inspire people.

Since the first launch of ‘Getting Started with LinkedIn’ on Social Media Day (30th June) 2015, over 500 learners have been enrolled on Luan’s courses. She is generating ‘passive income’ from the courses and can help more people with LinkedIn and Twitter learning. She has a new product that she can sell to customers which not only benefits everyone it also gets results.

“What I love most about Nimble – they truly want to help me and my business grow. I haven’t just purchased a product license, I’ve become part of an exciting industry, which I never knew existed.”

Luan Wise has 15 years’ experience in business-to-business (B2B) marketing across agency, client-side and consultancy roles. She supports consultants, start-ups, SMEs and corporates who are looking to get their marketing plans and use of social media in shape. Luan is vice chair for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) South West board and trustee for the Communication, Advertising & Marketing (CAM) Education Foundation. She is author of Relax! It’s Only Social Media (available from Amazon) and Social Media Marketing ROI (an online learning course for Lynda.com, LinkedIn’s online education company).