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Including Your Users in the Process Reaps Rewards – Autonet

“Consider what your users are telling you!” That’s the advice from Karen Hancox-Barringer, Head of Learning and Development at Autonet Insurance Group, the UK’s largest van insurance broker. The company aims to provide a superior and professional service to their customers and Karen uses Nimble as a means to achieve their training goals with 700 members of staff.

It’s an approach which is proving successful. They’re collecting awards and achieving national recognition, such as being a finalist for the UK Broker of the Year award at the British Insurance Awards 2015.

As Karen’s advice shows, their training successes partially arise out of maintaining energy within their training programme and involving their staff wherever possible. Like many of our clients, they began by creating bespoke courses as well as using our Equality & Diversity course, which they edited to suit their company.

Benefits soon became obvious. Employees loved that courses could be completed on mobile devices and at times convenient to them. Access to results was given to Heads of Departments so they could view activity.

What have their employees said?
“It’s been a far better experience than test papers and it’s good that you can do it in your own time and go back to it if you need to.”
“The elearning platform is a great way to provide training and the layout is fun.”

One of the most exciting innovations Karen introduced, in order to get these comments, has been to use Nimble as a survey tool. She used the interesting approach of communicating messages by the “You said this, so we did that” to generate involvement.

Karen’s innovations haven’t stopped there. She’s using more of our off-the-shelf courses which, she’s worked out, has saved them 351 days of authoring. They’ve included staff photographs and Photoshop graphics in their training materials, plus ‘gaming’-style templates to make their training a fun activity. For those who need support, regular ‘surgeries’ are available too. The company is also recruiting Nimble “champions” to review training materials and provide feedback on them – and they will also support their colleagues.

It’s not surprising their courses are achieving 80% completion rates and getting such positive reactions. Looks like the moral of the story is to keep innovating and include your users in the process!