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Infection Control Essentials

The library of elearning courses included in Nimble+ continues to grow – the newest addition is Infection Control Essentials.

“There are over 200 strains of cold virus and the average employee will get between 2 and 5 colds per year, resulting in a collective 27 million days off work per year!” – Infection Control Essentials course

Are you looking for trustworthy training on the basics of infection control to help keep your people safe at work? This useful course is for you – it covers the fundamentals of how to slow the spread of those harmful microbes which can make us unwell. It’s CPD certified, giving you the assurance that completing this training counts towards your annual professional development.

The online learning is aimed at anyone who might come into contact with infections during their work. Reducing the spread of everyday illnesses is desirable for everyone. We all want fewer periods of illness and less risk of passing infection on to others!

“This winter, common illnesses have been hitting us hard while our immune systems are still ‘rebooting’ following Covid-19 restrictions. This course serves as a healthy reminder to anyone returning to offices and shared spaces of the simple infection control methods they can apply to reduce the chances of becoming ill, or passing bugs on to people who may be more vulnerable.” – Shaena Hathway, Nimble Learning Design Team

The course is divided into topics to make learning easily digested – in total it takes 35 minutes to complete all the learning, which can be done in one session or broken into smaller chunks.

The course introduction covers pathogens and some of the most common ways they can spread and enter the body to cause illness. It covers useful basic information about viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungi which can easily spread from person to person and cause infections.

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Slowing the spread looks at actions we can all take to minimise the chance of these bugs spreading to different people. It goes into detail on different cleaning and barrier methods which can help reduce the risk of spreading harmful microbes.

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The final topic illness at work goes through the risks associated with being unwell in the workplace. It’s full of information and practical advice on steps we can take when unwell to avoid passing on illnesses to colleagues and other people we work with, especially as some may be medically vulnerable and more at risk of worse outcomes from illnesses. An example case study illustrates how our choices and behaviours can impact on others as coughing spreads a virus to colleagues.

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The elearning ends with an assessment that can reassure learners that they’ve taken in the key information, and gives results to show you when your teams have successfully completed the course.

By the end of the elearning course, you should be able to:

  • Describe common pathogens and the types of infections they cause
  • Explain the ways in which pathogens can spread between people
  • Identify and take measures to protect those most at risk from infection
  • Apply simple infection control methods to reduce the spread of infection in the workplace and beyond

Like all Nimble Essentials courses, Infection Control Essentials is included in Nimble+ so just ask your Customer Success Manager to add to your account to start using it with your teams.

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