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Mental Health Essentials

Research from mental health charity Mind shows that more than half of employers would like to improve staff wellbeing but they feel they don’t have the right training or guidance.

The new Mental Health Essentials course from Nimble has everything you need to begin building a supportive workplace. This course will increase your awareness of mental health and provide techniques to support you and those around you. You’ll learn how mental health can vary, how to improve your own wellbeing, and how to create a supportive work environment.

It’s full of practical advice and helpful language to use straight away and help you feel prepared to make positive changes in your workplace.

“We really wanted to create a course that promotes mental wellbeing in a practical way. So our Mental Health Essentials course is full of useful and handy tools to help learners manage their own wellbeing as well as look out for others.” – Rachel and the Learning Design Team at Nimble

Everyone who completes this interactive elearning course can gain a shared understanding of the basics of mental health, and this can benefit everyone in your organisation. This course will give your people some everyday tools to help them manage their own wellbeing and become a more supportive and compassionate colleague, and will help you make choices that prioritise the mental health of your staff.

The elearning is delivered through separate topics, breaking down the content into easy-to-navigate sections:

The course’s Introduction shows learners how they can visualise a mental health continuum from feeling fulfilled to experiencing illness, with everyone being somewhere on this continuum. Learners have the chance to reflect on how life events and other factors can move where they are on that continuum at different times.

Mental Health Essentials

Self-care offers learners some models they can use to help themselves look after their own mental health. It offers practical advice, based on research, to promote positive mental health habits, take steps to improve wellbeing and use strategies to help handle stressful situations.

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Helping others gives learners suggestions on how they might spot the signs of poor mental health in others – while workplace learning is not medical advice, it does give some tips on how to check-in with others and be a compassionate colleague, which helps create a more caring and supportive workplace for everyone.

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The course ends with an assessment to reassure learners that they have taken in the key information.

Give your teams a solid foundation to begin conversations and create a more healthy, supportive workplace. The course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete – elearning can be taken in one session, or broken up into smaller chunks to fit in with busy days and allow time to reflect.

If you’re a Nimble+ customer, this course is available to you free of charge as part of your annual licence. Simply contact your Customer Success Manager and ask for it to be added to your account.

For all other customers, the Mental Health Essentials course is available from £14 per person per year (bulk discounts apply) and is available from our marketplace here.

If you think your people would benefit from some useful advice and strategies to help us all manage through the stresses and difficulties that will inevitably appear in our lives, then contact Nimble about the Mental Health Essentials course today.