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News UK and Nimble Elearning: Call and Contact Centre Expo

On March 18th, Carolyn Forbes, Systems and Training Manager for News UK, will talk about how their approach to blending learning has improved engagement.

Her session at the Call and Contact Centre Expo at London ExCeL on 18 March will explain how this transformation has included developing a productive relationship with Nimble Elearning.

Carolyn has spent twelve years working in contact centres, half of that time in delivering training and quality by analysing need and providing solutions. She is a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner as well. As a performing musician she also understands the benefit of engaging audiences. It is this skill-set that led her to recognise the need to address the challenge so many training centres experience – making the most of time and learner engagement. In other words, making learning ‘stick’.

News UK (owners of The Times and The Sun) used elearning as a means to deliver GDPR training and a dumping ground for quick communication. However, as Carolyn will point out, other training topics used time-rich classroom-based learning. Carolyn has moved the company to a blended learning model with Nimble’s help. Her presentation will explain how this relationship has increased the ‘stickiness’ factor.

Her presentation will focus on the importance of:

  • Good quality elearning that can improve learner engagement and ensure information and knowledge is readily recalled and made relevant
  • Face-to-face learning that focuses on material best delivered in the classroom to maximise engagement
  • Design of elearning materials that doesn’t require ‘technical wizardry’ as Carolyn defines it. This is why she has found Nimble to be so useful.

It’s a journey which may resonate with many others in the HR and Training and Development sectors who face the same dilemma. How do you overcome time constraints whilst making sure learning has the desired outcomes and impact? The answer may lie in Carolyn’s experiences.

News UK and Nimble Elearning will be at the Call and Contact Centre Expo at London Excel on 18-19 March. Carolyn’s presentation takes place on March 18th at the Call and Contact Centre Expo at London Excel, in Seminar Hall 11, it starts at 11am. Find our more here: https://www.callandcontactcentreexpo.co.uk/speakers/carolyn-forbes/