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Nimble Course Building Essentials

Here at Nimble, we really want our customers to enjoy success with their elearning – it’s just who we are. Did you know that customers who use Nimble to create their own courses can take our Nimble Course Building Essentials elearning course to help guide them towards successful elearning creation – and this super-helpful training is available free of charge*.

This course is a little different to the rest of the Nimble Essentials range because it’s aimed at the person who usually creates the elearning within your team, rather than to be rolled out to all your learners. 

While it’s quick and easy to get to grips with the basic functionality of Nimble Author and understand how it can be used to build a course, sometimes people feel unsure of how to present their course content so it’s as effective as it can be. Nimble Course Building Essentials takes your course creation onto the next level – our experienced learning designers share their top tips and best practice to help you ensure your courses are clear, well structured, and engaging to give your learners the best experience.

Like all Nimble Essentials courses, when you take this elearning you’re in the driving seat – if there’s information you’re already confident with, you can quickly move through a section with it serving as a helpful reminder. For any new topics, you’ve got the chance to take your time with the information, and you can always revisit the material again once you’ve had a go at putting it into practice yourself. 

Spending just 45 minutes to complete the course now could save you hours in the future by preventing simple mistakes which then need to be fixed. 

Packed full of hints and tips based on learning design research, and all tailored to fit with Nimble Author, the advice in their course will help you feel confident that your learning will be as effective and enjoyable as possible. 

“Success for our customers is success for us. Applying some simple tips based on learning science to our already intuitive authoring tool can help our Nimble authors create elearning that’s memorable, transferrable, and that gets results!”
– Shaena, Nimble Learning Design Team

The learning is delivered through topics, making it easy to break up into separate chunks of learning to complete over several sessions that naturally fit into your working day.

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The course Introduction sets out how to make sure your learning has the best chance of being taken into long term memory by avoiding cognitive overload. Effective elearning shouldn’t overwhelm your learners with information – instead your course should gradually build knowledge, revisit key information, and be highly relevant for your learners.
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Learning flow takes you through ways to make sure learning is effective, including how your courses are structured and how each page is laid-out to make it clear and focussed. By keeping your learners with you as you flow through the course, the learning naturally builds and grows for your users, keeping them motivated and engaged. 
Menopause Essentials Tablet Image
Get engaged! gives helpful tips including making sure your learning is relevant and engaging. Nimble Author comes with different interaction styles (such as accordion to condense text and prevent a page from looking overloaded, labelled graphics to put the information directly where it relates to, and drag & drop for sorting different options into their categories) – using different interactions will keep learners interested and motivated, actively seeking information not just passively scrolling. 

Because the course itself includes lots of ways of presenting information that are possible for you to recreate yourself – audio tracks, videos, activities – perhaps that’ll give you an idea of something new to include in your next title.

On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain why good learning design practice matters and how it impacts your training outcomes
  • Recognise blockers to course flow and how to aid learner navigation through your content
  • Build focused, attractive pages that resonate with your learners
  • Use compelling copywriting techniques to increase learner engagement
  • Create a learning resource that is memorable and effects change in line with your learning objectives

To help you to make sure that you put any learning from the course into practice, it includes downloads such as a simple checklist for you to tick-off key points when you’re designing and creating your own elearning courses. 

While some Nimble users are super-confident at creating elearning, we know many might feel a little nervous about getting things right – this course will give you the peace of mind of knowing that not only are you covering the exact content you want, but it’s presented in a way which will allow the greatest chance of your learners enjoying, completing, and remembering the course – and therefore putting their learning into practice in the workplace.

To access this learning and begin improving your own courses built using Nimble, contact your Customer Success Manager today.

 * Nimble Course Building Essentials is available free of charge to all Nimble customers with an active licence that includes Nimble Author. It is not available to Pay As You Go (PAYG) or Courses-only customers.