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Nimble Elearning – Staying Agile

Businesses must remain agile if they are to succeed.

Steve Jobs defined this concept in his ‘5 Nevers’:

Never give up

Never pretend

Never stand still

Never cling to the past

Never stop dreaming

Nimble follows a similar philosophy, which is reflected in the recent expansion of its teams.

Like Steve Jobs, Nimble recognise an agile company needs to never give up and never stand still when it comes to valuing their customers. It needs to support them in achieving their goals. They’ve called this support ‘Nimble Know-how’ and appointed Peter Mason to manage this innovative development. Pete’s had considerable experience in this area, with a background in customer support, education software development and VR/AR. He will ensure every new customer receives training, either online or in person, in how to make the most of Nimble. Pete will also provide support on topics identified by customers from their feedback at Nimble community events, in the form of podcasts, videos or how-to documents.

To further enhance and expand their existing Customer Success Programme, Nimble has brought on board Stacey Jeffries as their newest Customer Success Manager. Stacey has a background as an Operations Manager where she was responsible for organising all recruitment, training and development, and also controlling the training budget. She therefore fully understands the positive impact providing efficient, consistent and cost-effective training has on a business. She brings enormous enthusiasm to her new role. According to Stacey, ‘I’m full of really useful ideas if customers are stuck on a launch plan and want some help.’

As far as the platform itself is concerned, Nimble ensures it never clings to the past and never stops dreaming. To this end, the company has appointed two software developers to drive the continued innovation of Nimble. Jordan Cooper is a full-stack developer with superb technical skills and extensive experience, including being a Data Protection officer. Tim Gregory is another developer to join the team, having gained a first-class honours degree in Forensic Computing. He also has extensive experience, most recently working for Rip-Jar, the offshoot of GCHQ. Nimble’s acquisition of more developers ensures it will continue to keep one eye on the future.

Nimble has also appointed three additional Product Consultants. Lesley Steventon will work in the north-east of England where she managed an Open Learning Centre that served 1000 employees. Her enthusiasm helped make it a huge success, as evidenced by the high proportion of people using the facilities in their own time after work. She’s effectively embedded elearning into the training culture of organisations where she’s worked in the past and is eager to bring that experience to Nimble customers.

Debbie Kingsland worked for Reed Recruitment where she was top sales person for a consecutive six years in the HR, recruitment and training sectors. As a high volume of Nimble customers are in these areas, it makes sense to have someone with such detailed knowledge and expertise in their team.

Supporting Nimble in the Midlands region will be Sarah Bailey. When working at AAT, Sarah’s audience were training providers and stakeholders at Senior Management level. During her time, she managed to double the customer base and increase learners by 80%. Prior to this, Sarah was a Business Development Manager for Gloucestershire College; this role provided a rare mix of marketing, sales and account management and she increased revenue generation by 50%. As a life-long learner, Sarah is currently studying a Masters in Mental Health Psychology with University of Liverpool Online (just for fun).

Neil Hyde, Managing Director of Nimble says, ‘We’re determined to provide an innovative, easy-to-use elearning platform for our customers, but we also want it to offer them the means to achieve success. This expansion aims to do both of those things.’