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Nimble Has It Covered For New Insurance Customer, Autonet

The insurance industry of the United Kingdom is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. In 2016, the UK’s insurance sector had over 111 thousand direct employees and saw tax contributions reach over 72 billion British pounds in 2017, the largest contribution of any sector within the country. The UK insurance sector was also a world leader as an exporter of insurance to the rest of the world. The UK insurance industry is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. It plays an essential part in the UK’s economic strength, managing investments of £1.9 trillion (equivalent to 25% of the UK’s total net worth). As such, Nimble are delighted to welcome insurance heavy-weight Autonet as a new customer.

Autonet is the UK’s largest independent van insurance broker with a turnover in excess of £130 million, handling over 1.2 million calls and servicing more than 340,000 live policies a year. With over 700 employees to train, Autonet use Nimble’s ready-made 10-courses bundle, which enabled them to ‘hit the ground running’. It provides access to 10 essential business courses. They also use Nimble Author and Nimble LMS to easily create, release and track their own elearning too.

Karen Hancox-Barringer, Head of Learning and Development, states:
“elearning enables us to ensure all our staff receive generic and consistent training across our three sites. It also enables us to be nimble in our processes, and this has helped us to be the success that we are. We are revolutionising how we deliver training at Autonet, and elearning is playing a key role in this. Our staff love the system, and before the launch of our first course, we have had over 50% log on. I am delighted with the reception it has received and would highly recommend Nimble Elearning to anyone looking to author engaging and interactive learning to their staff.”