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Nimble Community Day 2014 Makes a Connection

We’re delighted to have received some really positive feedback about our 2014 Nimble Community Day, staged at the regally rural Stonehouse Court Hotel in Gloucestershire. The purpose of the day was to connect Nimble customers with one another in order to facilitate shared awareness of Nimble user experiences, while highlighting the full spectrum of Nimble’s product functionality and capabilities. The Nimble team were at large with presentations and group workshops to provide demos, best practice advice and informative how-to guides on how to make the most out of Nimble Author and Nimble LMS.

A hub for the community

With a significantly high customer turn-out, networking opportunities were warmly encouraged between members of an impressive mix of brands who came together from many different industry sectors from Laura Ashley, and The Royal Navy to Pitman Training. Many of our clients swapped business cards and made direct links with one another, embracing the chance to share tips about the way in which they use Nimble within their own organisations. Indeed, another major aim of the day was to introduce our new online Nimble Community hub to our clients. The purpose of this is to encourage further sharing of information via our brand new customer forum and ‘community’ centre which includes testimonials, ‘how-to’ video guides and much more. We hope our clients will continue to talk to us, and to each other, because we believe that as a community, we can support and encourage each other to get the best out of Nimble, now and in the future. So far, we’ve received encouraging feedback that suggests our clients like feeling part of a broader team and gain comfort in knowing that they have support on tap from both the Nimble team and fellow customers alike.

Nimble by group design

It’s not just our customers that have benefited. Throughout the day, we sought constructive feedback to enable us to enhance the Nimble product and train our focus on the product developments deemed most useful by our users. Despite an ever-augmenting number and variety of businesses approaching Nimble, we find there are many common requirements which mean the feedback (and subsequent action) can benefit most customers when adding further capabilities to our existing product spec. Equally important to us is enhancing what we do well and ensuring we provide quality service and excellent products for the immediate and foreseeable future. We truly consider ourselves a customer-led product, so the feedback from the has been invaluable to us, and we hope to continue these lines of communication. The feedback we have received to date has been actively incorporated into our product plans to inform the Nimble product schedule for software development.

A thriving Nimbler Community

Following the success of the Nimble Community Day, we will be making this as an annual event bridged by regular communications taking place through our online community pages and newsletter. We have taken on board client feedback and next year we will be focusing on maximising customer’s opportunities to network and demonstrate to each other how they are using the Nimble platform. We will also provide more live product feature demos and be communicating any new product developments as soon as applicable.