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Phishing – And Why You Shouldn’t Take the Bait 

We live in a sea of digital information that is doubling in size every two years. By 2020, cloud-based and machine-generated information will see that rate multiply by fifty. The sea will have become an ocean.

Keeping personal information secure in this ever-changing world is a challenge for all of us. Just like sharks smell blood so they can zero in on unfortunate victims, a lapse in security in this digital ocean can trigger a similar fate. Someone might gobble up your personal details.

In Britain, last year alone, 80% of large organisations experienced security breaches. 90% of cyber-attacks start with a phishing email and cost £7 million to address. It’s not surprising organisations of all sizes are auditing and reviewing the risks they face in this expanding ocean.

One of Nimble’s latest customers is Phishing Pro, a digital security company. They provide tailored campaigns which test security by sending mock phishing emails to employees and recording what happens next. As Iain Pye – their security consultant – told us, phishing scams can appear very convincing. That’s why their mock-ups might appear to come from Amazon, Google, LinkedIn or a range of likely organisations asking for personal information. The scams can also appear as text messages too.

The worrying statistic is that these campaigns showed 19% of employees clicked a mocked-up malicious link, which would have potentially compromised the organisation’s security.

So how does Phishing Pro address such breaches? Having clicked the malicious link, you are taken to a ‘Stop’ page which tells you what’s happened and provides you with training to understand the risks, as well as the highly polished and credible methods that are used as bait.

PhishingPro use Nimble to achieve this goal. Why?

Iain’s main reason was the platform’s ease of use. With little prior experience, Iain created his first course in his spare moments during one working week. It is now ‘live’ and being used as part of the company’s prevention strategies. He told us how he could focus his time on creating the content, because Nimble’s built-in features did so much of the design layout work for him. He’s included video clips as well as interactions to engage his learners, and there’s also a final assessment to test understanding, should it be required.
It’s saved Iain and his team from running face-to-face training sessions, and offers client organisations data on learner outcomes. The result is that, in subsequent campaigns, fewer people take the bait, and outcomes include better security, increased accountability, and targeted support.

Nimble is excited to help PhishingPro prevent people from swallowing the bait and getting reeled in as they navigate the ocean of digital information.

You can find out more about PhishingPro and book a demo at http://www.phishingpro.com.

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