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Support on the Journey: Haven Claims

Haven Claims proudly state on their website that they provide ‘expert assistance’ to their customers on their claims journey. Nimble is just as proud to hear Haven value Nimble’s expert assistance on their elearning journey too.

Lenore Brown, Training and Audit Controller for the company, told us:

“I have found the helpdesk very helpful in showing what can be achieved by Nimble. They have been superb in answering my queries and been very quick to get back to me too. I would like to mention Sven and Peter for being very patient and for helping me out with some technical issues. The information on their website about building a module has also been a great help.”

Lenore admits that she wasn’t very experienced at the start, but she’s now creating technical training modules that support their competency frameworks. They aim to cover the basics items of knowledge that technical staff need to understand. This knowledge is then put into practice in a more traditional, ‘live’ training session.

As a company which operates in a tightly controlled, highly compliance-led environment, training is vital. Haven Claims have used elearning in the past, but Lenore says the company wanted to go beyond basic compliance training.

“Elearning is crucial to our 2018 Training Plan. With limited resources it has proven a cost-effect method of transferring certain types of knowledge to our staff, supplementing and preparing staff for further training sessions with our L&D team. We wanted any elearning initiative to help us manage our physical resources, put learning more in the hands of our staff, enabling it to happen at a time that suits them.”

That cost-effectiveness Lenore mentions meant price was important to the company. But, just as you’d expect when making any claim, the customer experience needs to be simple and easy and Haven Claims found that to be true with Nimble. In fact, Lenore tells us,

“In terms of developing the elearning programme, we have had no barriers at all. The business has bought into the concept and all that remains is to design and deliver the modules. All staff took part in a low key roll out on a short Nimble unit that introduced the platform, explained the benefits of elearning and how it is now part of our strategy. It concluded with a short assessment and survey so that staff could experience elearning in a self-directed and intuitive way.”

As someone who’s excited by the start of her elearning journey, we asked Lenore what advice she’d offer others in the same situation. Here’s what she said,

“First thing, without a doubt, would be to agree your terminology. For example, we had to decide whether to refer to our policyholder as our ‘customer’ or our ‘insured’.  When you have decided your terminology, stick to it.  Agree in the first instance a format/template for pages and topics that will apply to all modules, thus giving consistency and a company ‘feel’ to the modules. Deciding such basics beforehand saves a lot of time and a lot of amendments.”

Haven Claims want their customer experience to be a positive one – maintaining an effective training programme helps achieve that goal. At Nimble, they’re the same. It’s why their customer support team are always ready and eager to support their customer’s journey and make it a positive experience too.