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The Commercial Potential of Elearning – Luan Wise

Luan is a freelance marketing consultant with fifteen years’ experience in agency, client-side and consultancy roles. In 2015 she was recognised as one of the top five female marketers in the UK in the #LinkedInBestConnected social campaign. We originally met Luan in her role as chair of the Gloucestershire Chartered Institute of Marketing when she began to think of ways to use Nimble in her consultancy.

Luan’s first encounter with Nimble was, as she puts it, “simply transferring existing PowerPoint content. It was a relevant first step,” as she set out to create her ‘How to…’ courses on the use of LinkedIn. These were blended learning experiences that complemented her face-to-face training, allowing her to discuss topics on a strategic level with clients while her courses provided the important follow-up.

So how has she developed her use of Nimble? A key factor has been the ‘translation’ of information she normally delivers into her online courses. We find lots of clients undertake the same process and don’t always find it easy; how do you condense everything you say in a presentation into a course?

One conclusion Luan found comes from the interactive and assessment functions in Nimble Author. It’s a useful and informative way to get your audience involved. Plus, the LMS has been valuable in prompting learners to complete the course, to monitor their progress and offer any additional support if it’s needed. It’s what a good presenter does, isn’t it?

Another factor Luan identified: the support she’s had from the team at the Stonehouse office. We’ve been her guinea pigs! We’ve trialled her courses and provided feedback on the experience. Needless to say, we’ve all found our LinkedIn profiles have improved as a result! Neil and Alex have also provided strategic support, applying their knowledge to Luan’s situation. She said, “They really want me to get the most out of the tool and to make the courses the best they can possibly be… which in turn is good for my customers.”

Luan’s development as a Nimble customer shows how, with some creative thinking and trialling of material, you can produce highly innovative and effective materials that have real commercial potential. It’s another example of the power of Nimble thinking!