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The Power of Collaboration

We’re still buzzing with excitement after the success of our Nimble Community Day 2015! The number of delegates doubled compared to last year, a reminder of how many organisations are joining our community. Yet size isn’t everything! The greatest thrill came from the positivity generated by everyone, as shown in the comments from our evaluation sheets:

“Excellent networking with multiple opportunities throughout the day. Excellent presentations with memorable takeaways. Feeling of collaboration and shared objectives and methods. The Nimble team were fantastic (as always) throughout the day.”

“A really valuable and interesting day which has given me a lot of ideas.”

“Elearning is very new to me and our company and I learnt a lot. It was great to meet others in the Nimble Community. I look forward to next time.”

Clive Shepherd, our keynote speaker and elearning guru, provided inspiration and lots of good ideas that everyone appreciated too. Along with a variety of breakout sessions, the day was packed with activities which sustained the energy we all felt.

Elearning is growing in Britain as the need for cloud-based learning extends into new areas. This was reinforced for us by the diversity of the organisations who attended. Part of our excitement came from listening to discussions between delegates where common ground was found, support offered, ideas shared and business cards exchanged.

This is what the Nimble Community is all about and the opportunity to continue collaborating; “This hub is intended to help support and facilitate the Nimble Community. It offers an array of resources for you to draw upon and provides a means to connect with other members of our ever-growing community’.