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Time Flies – But Nimble is On Your Side!

Time is the real baddie where so many elearning managers are concerned.

What does its villainy look like? Evidence suggests this master criminal uses speed against us, as its victims tell us when they come to us for help. Its crime falls into 3 categories:

1. Difficulty in finding time to train people (often when it means detracting from their productivity).

2. Limited time to create training courses/materials (especially when balanced against conflicting priorities).

3. Wasting time by feeling isolated so you need to find your own solutions – there’s no one to help or understand your difficulties.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Here at Nimble we’re waging war on Time. It’s a crusade based on the adage: ‘The bad news is Time flies. Good news is, you’re the pilot!’. In other words, it’s about saving Time, taking control of it and not letting it run away.

From our recent customer research, we’ve found THREE common factors used by our customers to save Time.

1. Ease of use: so many of our customers have other responsibilities in addition to delivery of elearning. They tell us how ease-of-use is crucial because they save time in two ways:

a. They don’t need to waste time ‘getting up to speed’ with Nimble, its intuitive nature means they discover how to use it quickly – it’s especially ideal for the newcomer to elearning.

b. Nimble’s simplicity allows resources to be made quickly because the platform offers ‘out of the box’ options that enhance rapid authoring, you can create materials swiftly and easily.

2. Easy ways to customise and brand: one way Time’s villainy can be seen is when you have to spend ages editing your work to get the company’s house style right, scaling those graphics you need to include, and understanding the coding needed to ensure every page has the right brand colours and logos. Nimble makes this dead easy and saves you time! A task that can take hours in some elearning solutions (and a lot of expertise) takes just a few minutes.

3. Support for customers: our customers consistently tell us it’s the Nimble team that makes such a difference in beating Time. If they get stuck, want advice or to learn more about elearning, they come to us. Our Customer Support Programme is a big part of winning the battle against Time – it’s the way to avoid wasting that valuable commodity.

Here are some comments from customers who have taken on Time – and won!

  1. ‘Nimble allows us to address our training needs very quickly. When we set out to adopt elearning our original objective was to build and deliver 5 courses within a 6 month period. With our use of Nimble we’ve delivered 40 in that time! It massively exceeded our expectations because it’s so easy and quick to use, we can build and deliver a new course within a few days now.’ Tammy, Europa Group
  1. ‘I am no computer expert but using Nimble means I can build and deliver courses in a day to meet training needs. It’s so easy to use. Support from the team is invaluable, as are the Community Days to share ideas.’ Karen, Cotton Traders
  1. ‘Nimble was our third attempt at elearning and it does exactly what we needed it to do, where others failed. Tailoring material to the right audience is crucial, especially when we have so many different audiences. Adapting courses into other languages is important too, I’ve even built a course for a Dutch audience in one day! The ease of customisation saves me so much time.’ Richard, DFDS
  1. ‘Nimble allows us to personalise courses with branding, images and email templates to best suit our staff. The team are very easy to approach, quick to respond and can explain things in words of one syllable to non-technical people.’ Sam, Allan Webb

In the battle against Time, don’t forget Nimble is on your side! Our platform has the factors that can make time manageable so you stay in control. So don’t let Time control you, use Nimble and make it your servant!