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Trinity Claims – Using Elearning to Keep Their Teams Engaged During UK Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 is changing the way we work.

Not least for the UK’s insurance sector who have had a hectic start to the year thanks to Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. Claims still need to be processed – despite lockdown!

Here at Nimble, we are working hard to support large numbers of customers who need a solution to the lockdown challenge. We thought it would help to share the approach Trinity Claims are using in a case study. They’re using Nimble in ways which might help you too!

First of all, who are Trinity Claims? They are an insurance claims management company based in Kent. They represent some of the biggest insurance providers in the country, such as Policy Expert and the AA. We’re grateful to their Learning and Development manager, Martin Shingler, for this case study.

Martin points out that when he joined the company two years ago the work force was just 60 people, now its 140 and still growing

Perhaps not surprising growth when you consider the demands placed on insurance. During Storm Ciara their normal call volume rose significantly. It went “off the chart” when Storm Dennis arrived. Covid-19 has complicated everything still further, but Martin’s irrepressible humour and resilience led him to find ways to help everyone deal with these challenges.

As Martin points out, he is a ‘management team of one’! He’s also told us he’s a “rookie” when it comes to online learning, even though he has several years of L&D experience.

Despite his inexperience with online learning, he’s found Nimble to be the ideal platform because, “It is so easy and does what I want it to do – as opposed to being told what you could do with it! I just love the way I can adapt Nimble to what I need it to do. For example, I now use the Drag & Drop exercise as a way of gaining peoples E signature to say that they agree to our amended changes. Its flexibility is something I like a lot.”

Martin’s challenges fall into two categories:

  1. Making sure the company stay abreast of developments when gathering in groups isn’t allowed. Until recently such work was done in the classroom but Martin is now rolling out courses that the workforce can complete at home. Some of them still need to visit customers – despite lockdown – to assess and process claims. Their needs must be flexible and elearning has provided that solution.
  2. The need for motivation. Being trapped at home can sap even the most resilient people, making sure everyone is still part of ‘the team’ is even more important now. That’s why Martin created ‘The Lockdown Quiz of the Week’. It’s a fun activity for everyone, and the highest scores receive Amazon vouchers. Equally importantly, the whole thing amuses everyone – usually at the expense of the management team! It’s going to be a regular feature until lockdown ends – whenever that is!
Trinity Claims quiz

Trinity Claims lockdown quiz – created using Nimble Author

Trinity Claims lockdown quiz

Getting everyone engaged has required effort from Martin, but he says he’s now achieved ‘buy in’ from everyone – partly due to the Nimble courses they share at Christmas and Valentine’s Day! Martin’s light-hearted tone, simplicity of language and well-chosen pictures make his resources engaging and fun.

That’s the crucial factor here: light-hearted fun and “keeping it real”. Of course, information still needs to be disseminated when normal forms of communication can’t be applied. The important factor is finding ways to do it that engage people and allow time for them to have fun – keeping things light and amusing.

Martin plans to continue his exciting use of Nimble at Trinity Claims, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next… and we will be there to support him. Not least because he says we’re his ‘Guardian Angels’. It’s a responsibility his Customer Support Manager, Stacey, takes very seriously. She’s even thinking of wearing wings!

Why not set your teams a regular quiz? Or share with them a regular fun activity (like the Nimble examples we’ve mentioned). It keeps everyone engaged and helps support them emotionally in these difficult times.

Keep safe, healthy and happy everyone!