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Unconscious Bias Essentials Course Released

The library of elearning courses included in Nimble+ continues to grow – the newest addition is Unconscious Bias Essentials.

Have you ever jumped to the wrong conclusion or misjudged someone you just met? We all do it, with just about everyone we come across. We make snap judgements about people based on the very little information we know about them. And mostly, we do it without even knowing. – Unconscious Bias Essentials course

Our brains tend to use fast thinking and shortcuts to help us make quick decisions. In the workplace, this can cause problems – there’s a risk that some people’s great ideas are ignored or that they are overlooked for a promotion just because someone hasn’t taken the time to make informed decisions, and unconscious bias has influenced their choices instead.

Unconscious Bias Essentials is aimed at anyone who needs to check their understanding of unconscious bias and how it may be affecting their interactions in the workplace. This engaging course will increase your awareness of unconscious bias and give practical tips on how you can reduce the effect it has on your decisions, attitudes and behaviour.

“It was important for us to create a course with lots of interaction that approaches unconscious bias in a way that everyone can relate to. Developing this course was a real eye-opener as we’ve become more aware of our own unconscious biases, and we’re excited to produce a resource that can help others recognise and address their own biases too.” – Rachel, Nimble Learning Design Team

The elearning is divided into topics so that the content is easily digested – in total it takes 35 minutes to complete the course, which can be taken in one session or divided into smaller chunks of learning.

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The course introduction covers how taking mental shortcuts is our brain’s natural preference as we understand the world around us. Fast thinking can help us do simple everyday tasks automatically, but unhelpful biases we pick up from our culture and experiences can cause issues in the workplace when they lead to poor decision-making and unfair judgements.

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Bias at work looks at different types of bias and how they can affect the way we perceive our colleagues and those we interact with at work. Short interactive activities highlight how different types of bias can unintentionally influence our perceptions of those around us – such as preferential treatment for people who are similar to us, or taking one small piece of information and making assumptions about who someone is.

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The final topic tackling bias goes through some ways to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. By slowing down our thinking and bringing awareness to the role that unconscious bias could be playing, we’re more likely to make decisions and choices based on facts and evidence rather than ‘gut feelings’ which can be incorrect. This section includes practical advice that can be used in the workplace; for example, to help make sure everyone’s ideas are heard during team meetings, or how to phrase job adverts to try to avoid an unintentional gender bias.

The elearning ends with a short assessment which can reassure learners that they’ve taken in the key information and gives results to show you when your teams have successfully completed the course.

By the end of the elearning course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe what unconscious bias is and why it occurs
  • Recognise different types of unconscious bias
  • Recognise the impact unconscious bias can have in the workplace
  • Use strategies to help reduce biased thinking affecting your actions at work

It’s CPD certified, giving you the assurance that completing this training counts towards your annual professional development.

Like all Nimble Essentials courses, Unconscious Bias Essentials is included in Nimble+ so just ask your Customer Success Manager to add it to your account to start using it with your teams.

For all other customers, you can find purchasing information and prices here