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What Can Elearning Do For Franchises? The Seven Cs of Online Training

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Running a successful franchise is all about maintaining a high quality brand despite the challenges that come with franchising your business, and comprehensive training for franchisees and their staff is absolutely key. Of course, there are some things that need to be learnt in a hands-on environment, but so many elements of training – from new franchisees to continuing development and updates – can be delivered effectively and flexibly online. Have you considered the benefits that elearning could offer?

Cost: online training can save you money
Consistency: ensure all representatives of your business receive the same messages
Control: create a centralised source of knowledge and accountability, with training results at your fingertips
Change: easily update franchisees at the click of a button
Careers: provide development opportunities to attract quality franchisees
Capability: maximise training effectiveness by adapting to individual needs and experience
Carbon: slash the environmental impact of face-to-face training programmes

Interested? Read on to find out more about how elearning could take your franchise training scheme to the next level!


As the companion to your operations manual, training provides the bedrock for maintaining a successful franchise with consistent standards throughout. But face-to-face training can be seriously expensive, particularly once you factor in the need for regular refresher sessions – not to mention the travel involved. With an online training platform like Nimble, you can create bespoke courses at a fraction of the cost, delivering them to unlimited learners in an instant. Your busy franchise partners can even access these learning experiences on a tablet or mobile phone, making it easy to complete training whenever and wherever is convenient. New franchisee joining? Send them the training materials they need right away, minimising the time they need to get up and running.


It’s one of the biggest challenges when franchising your business: how can you keep standards high and protect your hard-earned brand reputation, while entrusting the care of day-to-day operations to your franchisees? Delivering consistent training messages to all franchisees and their employees is the holy grail, and elearning makes it easy. Build a suite of bespoke online courses (or edit off-the-shelf elearning for common topics to suit your needs) just once, and get the message out to franchisees right away – wherever they are in the world.


In many ways, being a franchisor is about handing over control to your trusted franchisees – but keeping standards high means ensuring your centralised services are designed to oversee the delivery of business objectives. With a Learning Management System (LMS) like Nimble LMS, you can maintain high-level control, building a single source of knowledge about your business, while ensuring accountability. Training completion and assessment statistics are at your fingertips, giving you the confidence to know that franchisees are up-to-date and fully versed in the processes, standards and expectations you set out.


Success in business is all about responding flexibly to the changing requirements of your customers; when your business is franchised, communicating change to everyone can be a real challenge. With a simple elearning authoring tool like Nimble Author, you can edit courses in minutes to reflect changing requirements – and use an accompanying LMS to ensure all learners are informed as soon as possible. Whether it’s an update to product training, a process overhaul or a new regulatory requirement, you can get the message out instantly. Using course assessments, you can ensure your franchisees are always on the ball, maintaining that consistency your customers expect.


When it comes to franchisees, you want the cream of the crop. Providing tailored career development opportunities with elearning courses that your franchisees can access at any time makes your business an attractive proposition. Taking on a franchise is a big decision; knowing that you are willing to invest in learning and value the growth of your franchisees gives them additional confidence to take the plunge. Your more experienced franchise partners will also have expert knowledge that you’ll want to incorporate in training, too; using an elearning platform means you can get that information out quickly and show your franchisees just how valuable their contributions can be. Set your business opportunity apart by demonstrating a learning culture that extends from head office to every single franchisee you support.


Every franchisee and the staff they employ will come to the opportunity with a different background: some may have decades of experience in your sector, while others are completely new to the industry. How can you ensure that each one of them receives the training they need, at exactly the right time to ensure the success of every franchise partnership? With an LMS and simple elearning authoring tool, it’s easy to build a suite of online courses tailored to everyone’s capabilities, to call upon whenever they’re needed. From onboarding to sales skills and compliance to product, elearning can be there every step of the way.


Reducing the environmental impact of businesses is everyone’s responsibility, and making the switch from face-to-face training to elearning has an enormous effect: reduction in travel, no heating or lighting requirements for training rooms, and of course no need for paper resources. If you’re looking to improve the sustainability of your franchises, online training is an easy step that saves money while saving the planet.

Elearning could be just the tool you need to deliver high-quality training to your franchisees. Maintain your valuable brand identity and minimise costs without compromising on results – and ensure that everyone involved in your business has the skills and knowledge they need to make it a success.