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Working at Height Essentials

It’s surprising how many seemingly everyday tasks can be considered as working at height – have you ever found yourself standing on a chair to reach a high shelf, or stretching to clean an awkward corner? Perhaps as you stepped down you wondered if that was such a good idea after all! With the Working at Height Essentials course from Nimble, you can feel better prepared to make decisions about working from heights.

Falls from height are the leading cause of fatal accidents and serious injury in the UK workplace today. And you don’t have to be working on a roof for this to apply to you… two thirds of all major injuries occur at low levels of two metres or less!

The good news is, most work at height (WaH) accidents are avoidable. By recognising risks and adopting safe practices, you can ensure you take a grounded approach to work at height!

Nimble’s new course Working at Height Essentials has everything you need to help your teams become more aware of the risks involved in work from height and ways to minimise those risks.

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“It might sound like overkill to call hopping onto a chair to reach something ‘work at height’, but it’s low level tasks like this that cause the most injuries! This course helps you identify when you might be working at height and demonstrates how you can reduce your risk of harm.”Shaena, Learning Design Team at Nimble

The elearning is delivered through three topics:

Assessing the risk gives learners information and examples of how to assess risks, taking consideration of the person at work, the equipment used, access, and environmental surroundings.

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Safe practice takes learners through some practical guidance and helpful suggestions, including avoiding working at height where possible and ways of minimising risk when working from height cannot be avoided.
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Working with ladders offers information about how to work safely with different types of ladders, including essential safety checks, what to consider when positioning a ladder, and how to work safely using a ladder. As a whopping 40% of all falls from height are from ladders, they are a major cause of injury in the workplace.
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Throughout the course there are plenty of interactive elements, with tasks such as spotting the risks in different images. Real-life examples ensure that learners can always be thinking about how this information is practically useful in their workplace. Animated short videos show the learners the key information needed in a very clear way.

An assessment is included at the end of the course, giving learners the reassurance that they have absorbed the key messages.

“Not recognising when we’re working at height is a major cause of injury, as we fail to apply measures that would otherwise keep us safe. This course helps you identify, prepare for, and execute work at height as safely as possible.”Shaena, Learning Design Team at Nimble

If you’re a Nimble+ customer, this course is available to you free of charge as part of your annual licence. Simply contact your Customer Success Manager and ask for it to be added to your account. Like all the courses in the Nimble Essentials range, it is ready to use straight away, or can be edited to match your organisation’s colour scheme or include specific examples for your workplace.

For all other customers, the Working at Height Essentials course is £14 per learner per year and is available from our marketplace here.