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Working with Volunteers Essentials Course Released

Does your organisation rely on incredible volunteers to support its aims? Although charities work with many people in voluntary roles, there are unpaid volunteers offering their time to a wide range of organisations, from Community Interest Companies to public bodies and even private enterprises. No matter your organisational aims, if you engage volunteers it’s vital that you know the legal issues – and how to manage volunteers effectively so that they know just how valuable their contributions are.

In this thirty-minute course, you’ll learn how to ensure volunteers are given appropriate tasks for their role, how to offer them appropriate recognition, and how to manage tricky situations. It’s a great introduction to working with volunteers in your organisation.

“We created this course to act as a helpful start for any group that’s just beginning to work with volunteers, or an organisation that’s already working with volunteers and is keen to check they’re covering all the essentials. We hope it’s a useful first step to get you thinking about where your volunteer programme is now and how it can improve, as the better experience you provide for volunteers, the more your organisation will be able to benefit from their contributions.” – Alice, Learning Designer

The elearning is delivered through three topics:

Mental Health Essentials

The course introduction walks you through some of the legal considerations to ensure you’re treating volunteers fairly, and discusses the varying motivations that lead someone to put themselves forward as a volunteer.

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Supporting volunteers is all about how to put systems and policies in place so that your volunteers can thrive. It covers what you should consider when onboarding a new volunteer, what you should include in volunteer training, effective communication and ways to ensure your volunteers feel like a true part of the team.

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Recognition and retention offers advice to ensure volunteers feel valued and celebrated, and also gives practical tips so you know what to do if issues arise. It helps you consider how to keep volunteers’ motivation up, and how best to keep the relationship positive at all stages – using feedback effectively during a volunteer’s time with your organisation, and making sure they know how much their contribution was appreciated when it’s time for them to move on.

Throughout the course, you’re encouraged to reflect on the information you’ve learned and link it to your own experience. Interactive activities keep you engaged with the subject matter, and you can be confident that the course is of the highest quality.

The course ends with a short assessment that checks your understanding of the learning objectives covered.

If you’re a Nimble+ customer, this course is available to you free of charge as part of your annual licence. Simply contact your Customer Success Manager and ask for it to be added to your account. Like all the courses in the Nimble Essentials range, it is ready to use straight away, or can be edited to match your organisation’s colour scheme or include specific examples for your workplace. 

For all other customers, the Working with Volunteers Essentials course is £13.99 per learner per year and available from our marketplace here.