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Bullying and Harassment Essentials Course Released

The library of elearning courses included in Nimble+ continues to grow – the newest addition is Bullying and Harassment Essentials.

“Unfair treatment comes in many forms, and isn’t always obvious. Identifying this type of behaviour, and being aware of what can be done about it, is the first line of defence against bullying and harassment at work.” – Bullying and Harassment Essentials course

Unfortunately, bullying and harassment happens in the workplace – over two thirds of UK employees say they’ve seen a colleague being victimised by these unacceptable behaviours. As well as being distressing for the individual involved, bullying and harassment can take a heavy toll on a whole organisation and its teams, from financial losses to poor mental health and wellbeing.

This interactive elearning course will help your people to identify unfair treatment, and offers practical support should you or a colleague experience bullying or harassment in your workplace.

“Workplace bullying poses a significant health and safety risk to employees. Equipping staff with the ability to identify bullying behaviours and follow correct procedure in the reporting of unfair treatment is key to stamping out bullying at work.”– Shaena, Nimble Learning Design Team

The course is divided into topics so that the content is easily digested – in total it takes 40 minutes to complete all the learning, which can be taken in one session or one topic at a time if preferred. 

Mental Health Essentials

The course introduction covers the difference between bullying and harassment, the impact of these behaviours on a workplace, and introduces a case study that is followed through the course to give learners some realistic workplace examples to consider.

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Bullying behaviours looks at examples of overt and covert bullying, different types of bullying and harassment behaviours, and uses examples to help learners spot them in the workplace.

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The final topic taking a stand goes through how to notice problematic behaviours, how to take action and report an incident, and uses relevant case studies to help give context. The course includes signposting to useful external organisations with different expertise that may be needed.

The elearning ends with a short assessment which can reassure learners that they’ve taken in the key information and gives results to show you when your teams have successfully completed the course.

By the end of the elearning course, learners should be able to:

  • Determine what constitutes bullying and harassment and how it’s regulated under the law
  • Recognise the impact bullying has on individuals and organisations
  • Identify types of bullying behaviour that may exist in the workplace
  • Explain what you and your employer can do to prevent bullying at work
  • Follow correct procedure should you or a colleague experience bullying or harassment in your workplace

It’s CPD certified, giving you the assurance that completing this training counts towards your annual professional development.

Like all Nimble Essentials courses, Bullying and Harassment Essentials is included in Nimble+ so just ask your Customer Success Manager to add it to your account to start using it with your teams.

For all other customers, you can find purchasing information and prices here