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Case Study: Which?

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Which? were the winners of the Positive Business Impact category at the 2022 Nimble Awards.

Which? is the UK’s consumer champion, here to make life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone. As an organisation they’re not for profit and all for making consumers more powerful.

Lots to do, little time or budget!

Imagine this – you’re told that you need every single one of your employees to complete a course in just a few months in order to get through an upcoming audit. You’re responsible for over 670 staff, and you don’t yet have this course material.

Sounds like a nightmare!

For many of us, this probably feels like a situation we could find ourselves in, even though we wouldn’t want to. Luckily for Sonja, Learning and Development Manager at Which?, when the request came to her she knew just what to do.

Why Nimble?

Sonja called Dee, her Customer Success Manager at Nimble. Together they realised they could achieve what was needed within the tight timescale.

Nimble has a range of ready-to-go courses on different compliance topics. They’ve all been created with the learner experience in mind; language is clear and easy to understand, they’re focused on key information, and there’s plenty of interactivity to keep users engaged. These pre-built Nimble courses were the perfect solution to allow the project to be completed within such a short timeframe.

But Sonja was determined to go the extra mile – if she was going to achieve 100% completion with over 670 colleagues, she needed to make sure there were no excuses for avoiding the course! Over to Jack Murphy, Information Security Apprentice at Which?, to pull together a bespoke course on Cyber Security based on the off-the-shelf Nimble course.

In Nimble Author, it’s simple to edit courses to give them a look and feel that is consistent with your organisation. The team changed all the photographs and illustrations to give a clear visual language that Which? employees recognised. Working with colleagues, Jack added in several case studies that were exactly relevant to the sorts of situations staff found themselves in during their daily work. The team put in the hours at this stage, with the hope of making it easy to convince people that it would be beneficial for them to complete the elearning.

“The Nimble authoring tool makes it really easy to design something short and relevant for specific teams and when you have involved them in the design of that module and they see their examples they spread the word and their colleagues are much more enthusiastic about doing the training than if it was ‘off the shelf’.” Sonja, Learning and Development Manager
Editing off-the-shelf elearning courses can make a big impact; personalising course content to your own organisation helps learners to apply what they’ve learned, and drives engagement.

The hard work paid off – just a few months later and 100% of employees had completed their Cyber Security training. And they didn’t just complete it, but enjoyed it too! Sonja received positive feedback, which is not always expected with mandatory training!

The secret to their success

This was a challenge to deliver, and the team at Which? had a formidable task getting it done! What can others learn from their success?

Sonja and Jack had the right product to meet their needs, the knowledge of their own organisation to make sure the elearning was exactly right for their learners, and they had the energy and teamwork needed to get this massive task done.

There were other factors at play too. The team at Which? made this project a success by:

  • Having a clear vision of what they needed to achieve
  • Having commitment from senior leaders to give momentum to the project
  • Piloting modules for feedback from stakeholder groups, both subject matter experts and end users

By using a learning management system, Nimble LMS, it was quick and easy to see who had completed the course, and who needed a bit more encouragement to get it done on time.

The judges of the Nimble Awards were really impressed with the impact of this elearning: “An excellent submission – clear project objectives and KPIs were delivered. Provides a super illustration of how elearning can assist this kind of project. Great example of support from the wider business and how to use managers to engage staff in training and deliver the objectives for this piece of work.”

Now that people have experienced the mandatory modules, there’s more interest from across the organisation in how elearning can benefit different teams. Staff now use Nimble to make guides and toolkits; when there are systems that must be used in a certain way, staff can have a Nimble guide open on one side of their screen and follow it step-by-step as they work.

We may hope we never find ourselves in the situation Sonja was in, tasked with getting more than 670 employees to complete a compliance course within just a few months. But at least now we know it is possible to achieve! Hats off to Sonja, Jack and the whole team for their hard work, and thanks for sharing the story with us.