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First Aid Essentials Course Released

Would you like to ensure you or your team have a basic understanding of how to respond to medical emergencies at work? First Aid Essentials gets you up to speed with the key things you need to know, even if you don’t require the depth of knowledge to become a qualified first aider.

In this fifty-minute course, you’ll learn how to help in a range of common emergency scenarios, from simple cuts and bruises to strokes and seizures. It’s a great foundation for any member of staff to have, and may even help save a life in the workplace.

“A workplace equipped with First Aid knowledge is not just prepared for emergencies; it fosters a culture of safety, compassion, and empowerment, where every member becomes a guardian of health and well-being.” – Shaena, Learning Designer

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After the introductory topic lays the groundwork, the first aid fundamentals topic walks you through some of the key first aid approaches and techniques you’ll need to know in a range of situations. Find out what to do first when someone is ill or injured at work, and how to keep yourself safe. Learn the basics of CPR, how to place someone in the recovery position, and know the signs of physical shock to look out for – and how to respond.

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In the second topic, you’ll learn about common medical emergencies that can occur in the workplace and how to handle them. Recognise the signs of a heart attack or stroke and the key steps to take quickly in both scenarios. Learn about how to help when someone has a serious allergic reaction, has a seizure, or is suffering from heat stroke or hypothermia.

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The final topic, common accidents, gives you the confidence to know what to do when something goes wrong at work and an injury occurs. Find out how to help quickly and effectively when someone has a wound, broken bone, burn or choking incident.

The course ends with a short assessment that checks your understanding of the learning objectives covered.

It’s important to note that this course won’t make you a qualified first aider. It’s always better for a certified person to administer first aid, but if there are no trained people available, this information provides a basic level of awareness on how to react in the emergency scenarios highlighted.

If you’re a Nimble+ customer, this course is available to you free of charge as part of your annual licence. Simply contact your Customer Success Manager and ask for it to be added to your account. Like all the courses in the Nimble Essentials range, it is ready to use straight away, or can be edited to match your organisation’s colour scheme or include specific examples for your workplace. 

For all other customers, the First Aid Essentials course is £13.99 per learner per year and available from our marketplace here.