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Neurodiversity at Work Essentials Course Released

We all know that we should be aware of neurodiversity, and how to support colleagues in the workplace who may be neurodiverse. But what does the term actually mean? And what practical things can we do to make life at work easier for neurodiverse people?

In this forty-minute course, you’ll learn what we mean when we use the word ‘neurodiverse’, and its counterpart, ‘neurotypical’. We’ll give you a sense of some of the typical workplace behaviours, norms and sensory stimuli that your neurodiverse colleagues may find stressful, draining or overwhelming – and the simple changes you can make to build a neuroinclusive culture in your organisation, working towards removing those barriers.

“Just as biodiversity plays a crucial role in evolution, neurodiversity nurtures development and progress in the world of work. Neuroinclusive organisations benefit from broad perspectives, innovative thinking, greater productivity, and above all… happier, healthier employees who are able to fulfil their potential.” – Shaena, Learning Designer

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In the first topic, Introduction, we take a deeper look at what neurodiversity is. You’ll find out about some of the neurological conditions that can affect our brain’s programming, including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and Tourette’s Syndrome. A big focus of this topic is the benefits that having a neurodiverse team can bring, from fresh perspectives and creative thinking to openness and an analytical approach. Just as no two neurotypical people are alike, the richness of experience brought to an organisation by neurodiverse individuals can be limitless.
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After the introductory topic lays the groundwork, the neurodiversity at work topic walks you through some of the challenges faced by neurodiverse employees. Sights, sounds, smells, small talk and schedules that may be easily navigated by a neurotypical employee, can be physically and mentally draining or distressing to someone who processes their environment in a non-typical way.
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In the third topic, you’ll learn about how to build a neuroinclusive culture that removes barriers for neurodiverse employees, through making simple adjustments to working practices, approaches to communication, the workplace environment and assistive technologies.

The course ends with a short assessment that checks your understanding of the learning objectives covered.

If you’re a Nimble+ customer, this course is available to you free of charge as part of your annual licence. Simply contact your Customer Success Manager and ask for it to be added to your account. Like all the courses in the Nimble Essentials range, it is ready to use straight away, or can be edited to match your organisation’s colour scheme or include specific examples for your workplace. 

For all other customers, the Neurodiversity at Work Essentials course is £13.99 (excl. VAT) per learner per year and available from our marketplace here.